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The tone to the beginning of my new (proverbial) book is almost set, but not sure I am happy with it or if I want to continue in this tone. But then again there are surprise endings plot twists, etc…


onward ho

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moving forward: with an air of procrastination and adaptation


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The next few days will be packed so many things to that need to get done. I will atttempt to get them all done.

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So far day 1 kind of bumpy, looking forward to a good night.
Well day 3, about to begin, (well in a few hours) not sure how every time I think things are getting to where I want them things seem to go a little more south. Or for that matter I manage to have them more convoluted.

Ok made it throug all 72 hrs, didn’t go quite as i had hoped, burt noit much of a surprise ending either

this will have no rhyme or reason, mainly just ranting and testing out new projects